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About the Maine Tree Crop Alliance, founder Jack Kertesz reflects on its past and future (2008).

Making (re)discoveries 25-Apr-2014.

Some thoughts on Fruit Exploring 26-Mar-2017.

Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture by J. Russell Smith. You may also view this book at Google Books.

Maine Tree Crop Alliance's Newsletter Archive (1983-1991)

Please be aware that phone numbers and addresses appearing in these newsletters may have changed in the twenty-odd years since the first of them was published.

(If you have any of this missing issues of the Newsletter listed above, the Alliance would like to borrow them to scan and add to this list. Scanned issues will be returned. Contact Tom Roberts if you have any of these missing issues. Thanks to Tom Vigue for supplying Issues 3, 4, 6,and 11.)

Coppice [pdf 18mb] is a centuries-old tree harvesting method of cutting certain trees so their stumps continue to re-sprout indefinitely. This 1986 publication from England also contains information on pollarding.

Scion Exchange

The Scion Exchange is an annual event in which many attendees bring free scionwood cuttings of any woody plant that can be grafted and offer them at no cost to other attendees. Begun in 1983 by members of the Maine Tree Crop Alliance, the Scion Exchange has been the source of grafting wood and grafting information for hundreds of folks from all over Maine and beyond, thus preserving and propagating both old time and modern varieties by dispersing free scionwood to anyone who will graft a tree. In 1999 the Scion Exchange was combined with the Maine Seed Saving Network's Seed Swap and moved from Unity College to the Exhibition Hall at MOFGA's Common Ground in Unity.

The next Scion Exchange schedule and list of events can be found here.

In this 2008 photo, one of three tables is loaded with apple scionwood brought in and labeled by participants. The scionwood awaits amateur grafters to make their selections to bring home for grafting over the next few weeks. Here are some more photos from the 2009 Scion exchange.


In Praise of Chips is an article on Ramial Wood Chips by Tom Roberts. (Ramial wood chips are produced by chipping tree branches and brush from 4 inches in diameter on down.)

Hollow Log Birdhouses

Fruit Exploring, a little pamplet produced by Jack Kertesz on exploring for forgotten fruit trees.

Renovating Old Apple Trees from the Fedco Trees website.

Fedco Trees list of Web Resources relating to trees.

Links to Maine apple orchards .

The Permaculture Activist, website of the Permaculture Activist magazine.

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