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Downtown Waterville Farmers' Market

2018 Membership Directory
  New members for this year are noted in RED.
Updated for each year in late March. Click on photos to enlarge.

2018 Steering Committee
Chair: Hanne Tierney
Secretary: Sylvie Boisvert
Treasurer: Jean Koons
Assistant Treasurer: Karl Rau   
Market Manager: Courtney Williams
Winter Manager: Mark LaCassete
At Large #1: Fred Nassar
At Large #2: Tom Roberts
At Large #3: Deb Vermette

The Apple Farm
Joined the market in 2009.

  • Steven & Marilyn Meyerhans, 104 Back Road, Fairfield ME 04937, ph.453-7656
    mainecider@gmail.com, website: www.LakesideOrchards.com

  • Apples, pears, plums, and cider.
  • We will be at market from early August to late October.

Burke Hill Farm
Joined the market in 2018.

  • Ben Perrin, 520 Blackswoods Road, Cherryfield 04622, ph. 460-6215, burkehillfarm@gmail.com, burkehillfarm.com.
  • We grow organic wild blueberries on around 200 acres. We sell fresh berries in pints and 5 lb. boxes. Free snacks for the kids because every kid should be eating blueberries.
  • We will be at market from the very end of July through middle of September. We will attend the winter markets with frozen berries and also attend the Ellsworth, Rockland, Belfast, Orono, Camden, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Damariscotta, and Acadia (Town Hill) Farmers' Markets.

Cornerstone Farm
Joined the market in 2006.

  • Hanne Tierney, 74 Dogtown Road, Palmyra 04965, cell: 416-2676,
    email: hanne@cornerstonefarm.us
    website: http://www.cornerstonefarm.us/
    Visit us on Facebook

  • Are you looking for Amazing tomatoes? Smokey Bacon? Arm loads of Leafy Greens? And a grill full of wicked good Sausages? Well then you have found the right farm! We raise our hogs on pasture; they are allowed to run, root, wallow, and just plain lay in the sun enjoying the fresh air! Our vegetables are crazy fresh! We grow a lot of heirlooms which means our veggie varieties are selected to taste amazing and are certified organic. With all this great food you will look like a super hero cook when you serve it up to your friends and family!

  • We will be at market all season long from late April to December.

  • You can also find us at the Orono, Portland, and Bangor Farmers' Markets as well as at the winter farmers' markets in Bangor, Waterville, Orono, and Portland Winter Market.

Eagle View Gardens and Haunted Trail Pumpkins
Joined the market in 2006.

  • Fred Nassar and Family, 882 Garland Road, Winslow 04901, ph. 660-5179, frednas@gmail.com

  • We sell a variety of vegetables and herbs. All grown naturally and picked fresh daily. Bulk orders for beans, cukes, beets, tomatoes, etc., are welcomed. Order early. Visit our place in the fall for pumpkins, corn stalks, and all your decorating needs. We have the only local u-pick pumpkin patch. The patch features a haunted trail! Groups are welcomed. Call for details. Finally, we have a limited supply of free range eggs.

  • We will be at market all season from early May to mid November.

Good Bread
Joined the market in 2008.

  • Karl and Laurie Rau & Family, 1 Birch Lane, PO Box 212, Brownfield ME 04010, ph. 368-4788, cell 416-4788, info@good-bread.com

  • Good Bread is a small family owned and operated baking business that has recently relocated to the western mountains of Maine. We specialize in fresh and healthy baked products. Using natural and organic ingredients—some locally sourced—we create sourdoughs and hearth breads that we hope will bring you back again and again.

  • We look forward to seeing you each Thursday throughout the market season from April to December. We also attend the Skowhegan Farmers' Market.

Heald Farm LLC
Joined the market in 2007.

  • Mark Rollins, 1227 Bangor Road, Troy 04987, ph. 948-2111, penobscotrider@yahoo.com,
    and on Facebook.

  • Heald Farm LLC specializes in the production of bi-color sweet corn. We have corn as early as nature allows, usually the last week of July. We provide sugar enhanced varieties, picked fresh daily through October. Fresh native sweet corn is our specialty. We take pride in providing the highest quality sweet corn for the longest possible season. We will also have red potatoes.

  • We will be at market from late July to early October. We also attend the Brewer Farmers' Market and the Fairfield Farmers' Market.

The Highlands
Joined the market in 2015.

  • Michael & Debra Vermette, 165 McNally Road, St. Albans 04971, 938-2710, thehighlands55@gmail.com and on Facebook: The Highlands and Gracie's Food Truck

  • A 250 acre Katahdin view hillside farm established in 1985. We specialize in grass-fed highland beef, all natural pasture raised pork, chicken and turkey. We also market fresh eggs, berries, rhubarb, cut flowers, farm fresh preserves and value added products. Farm pick up always available. Along with the farm we operate Gracieís—a farm to wagon food truck—which is available for private or corporate events. We strive to consistently offer delicious wholesome food made from scratch. What we donít raise or grow ourselves is sourced from local farmers.
  • We will be at market all season long, including the Winter market. We also attend the Bangor Farmers' Market and sell at the farm. Farm pickup always available (suggest you call first). Farm tours by appointment.

Hridaya Hermitage
Joined the market in 2018.

  • Sunyata Lescault, 243 Greenwood Brook Rd., Industry, 04938. ph. 485-1228, sunyatashyam3@gmail.com, www.hridayahermitage.com, and on Facebook.

  • Hridaya Hermitage is a non-profit organization dedicated to benefiting all beings through Yoga and meditation. Twelve Yogi's, and their children, live together pursuing, propagating and practicing the teachings of Yoga, in Industry, ME.

  • The jewelry, artwork, Mehndi (traditional Indian body painting, a.k.a Henna), wooden handmade back rollers and meditation beads we sell reflects the fulfillment and beauty we find in Yogi Life. Using Maine gemstones, local wood, the inspiration of life in the Western Mountains and a tradition thousands of years old, there is something for everyone at our booth! And while your there we'd love to talk to you about a nice rejuvenating weekend retreat...

  • All profits go to supporting our cause to benefit all beings!

  • We will be at market from early June to early October.

humble forge blacksmithing
Joined the market in 2007.

Kenerson Farm
Joined the market in 2006.

  • Donald and Catherine Kenerson, 1266 South Solon Road, Solon, 04979, ph. 431-3322,kenerson1@gmail.com

  • Kenerson farm has 116 acres and was established in 1998. We raise American Buffalo (Bison). Our products are naturally raised without the use of hormones, chemical or antibiotics. Our Buffalo eat high quality hay and are on pasture in the summer, with plenty of room to roam. We invite you to purchase some of our delicious buffalo burgers, steaks, ribs, roasts or sausages ... American Buffalo, healthy never tasted so good!

  • We will be at market from late April to November.

Kennebec Cheesery at Koons Farm
Joined the market in 2008.

  • Jean Koons, 795 Pond Road, Sidney 04330, ph. 547-4171, kennebeccheesery@gmail.com, www.KennebecCheesery.com
    Also on Facebook

  • We hand-craft small batches of cheese and yoghurt using milk from our Alpine/Saanen goats. Our goats are pasture fed when pasture is available, otherwise they eat hay made on the property and GMO-free grain. Goat cheeses include chevre cobbles rolled in herbs, or in oil with seasonings, feta, paneer, ricotta, and an aged goat cheese called Kennebec Highlands. From a neighbours organic Jersey cows' milk we produce full cream and low-cream yoghurt (in refundable glass jars) and other fresh and aged cheeses.

  • We will be at market from late April to December. We also attend the Skowhegan Farmers' Market and the Saturday Portland Farmers' Markets.

The Maine Meal
Joined the market in 2012.

  • Mark & Kelly LaCasse, 4 Madison Ave., Skowhegan 04976, ph. 614-4750, themainemeal@gmail.com, on Facebook.

  • Featuring gourmet prepared meals, using primarily local and organic produce, meat and seafood. Vacuum sealed, frozen, boil-in-bag meals. Our a-la-carte style menu items are prepared by CIA trained Chef Mark LaCasse. Choose from: sauce prepared beef, seafood or chicken items, with sides of different vegetables, potatoes, whole grains or pasta. Many vegetarian, vegan and gluten free offerings also available. All portions are for one or two adults. Also offering chocolate and Maine berry flavored popsicles during the summer market months.

  • At Market: All year, summer and winter markets. Also at Skowhegan and Belfast Farmers' Markets, attending both summer and winter markets, for both. Please check both websites for days and times. Eat well.

Joined the market in 2018.

  • Brooke Isham & Steve DeGoosh, 386 French's Mill Rd., Sangerville 04479, ph. 924-0954, lomah207@gmail.com, lomahfarmstead.com, and on Facebook.

  • LOMAH hand crafted natural skin care products include: soaps, lip balms, body butters, bath bombs, shower steamers, facial masks, lotion bars, and more! Our products are made with local, organic, homegrown, and Fair Trade ingredients and are free of synthetic, lab-created fragrance oils and colorants.

  • At Market from early May to November.

Marr Pond Farm
Joined the market in 2016.

Ryan Clarke & Courtney Williams, 471 Flanders Hill Rd., Sangerville, 04479
ph. 659-3519, marpondfarm@gmail.com, and on Facebook.

We grow MOFGA certified organic vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and cut flowers. Try our seasonal, log-grown shiitake mushrooms, stop by for recipe ideas, beautiful fresh bouquets, or to learn about growing mushrooms. We cultivate a wide range of vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, spinach, arugula, kohlrabi, beets, onions, and winter squash.

We will be at market on Thursdays from June through November. We also attend the Orono Farmers' Market, and offer both boxed and debit style CSA shares.

Snakeroot Organic Farm
Joined the market in 2006.

  • Tom Roberts & Lois Labbe
    27 Organic Farm Road, Pittsfield 04967
    ph. 416-5417
    Tom@snakeroot.net, Lois@snakeroot.net
    www.snakeroot.net/farm and on Facebook

  • Our 5 acres of MOFGA certified organic gardens provide shoppers with the finest vegetables and culinary herbs, as well as offering blooming lupines & other perennials in recycled plant pots. We offer many unusual items including garden seeds, grapes, gobo, celeriac, dried herbs and dried tomatoes. Visit our gardens and greenhouse anytime, or come to our annual guided farm tour on the second Sunday in July, noon to 4pm.

  • Ask about our CSA plan and about bulk purchases of tomatoes, basil, parsley, carrots, garlic, onions, winter squash, etc.

  • At market all season, late April to November. We're also at the Pittsfield, Orono, and Unity Farmers' Markets.

Stone Fox Farm Creamery
Joined the market in 2010.

  • Kathy & Bruce Chamberlain, 77 Bartlett Hill Road, Monroe 04951, ph. 323-2850
    please like us on Facebook.

  • We produce ice cream in our small plant in Monroe, Maine. We use all natural; locally sourced milk & cream, sugar (never high fructose corn syrup), and natural flavorings and extracts, Maine fruit and maple syrup whenever possible. Our Carpigiani batch freezer was made in Bologna, Italy and makes 2½ gallons of ice cream in about 10 minutes. Our blast freezer quickly chills the ice cream down to -20°F so ice crystals don't form. Our overrun is small (the amount of air whipped into the mix) resulting in a rich and creamy ice cream treat. We also offer hot cocoa and brewed coffee in cold weather. Our ice cream can be purchased at Railroad Square Cinema and at Uncle Deans Good Groceries.

  • We will be at market from early May to mid October. We also attend the Camden Farmersí Market on Wednesday, and Augusta's Farmers' Market at Mill Park.

Tree Spirits
Joined the market in 2016.

  • Bruce Olson & Karen Heck, 152 Fairfield St., Oakland 04963, ph. 861-2723,
    email: bruce@treespiritsofmaine.com, website: treespiritsofmaine.com

  • Tree Spirits is a small winery and distillery located in Oakland, ME. We have been handcrafting wines and spirits from locally sourced pear and apple ciders and maple syrup since 2010. Our goals are to produce great wines and spirits from locally sourced apples, pears and maple syrup and to have fun doing it.

  • Our sparkling wines, brandies and absinthe have won awards at international competitions in San Francisco and NY City. We are the only producers of Absinthe in New England. To taste our spirits you can visit the tasting room at 152 Fairfield St. in Oakland.

  • At market beginning in late July.

Winterberry Farm
Joined the market in 2007.

  • Mary Perry, 538 Augusta Road, Belgrade 04917, ph. 649-3331, www.winterberryfarmstand.com

  • Winterberry Farm is a certified organic horse and oxen powered family farm run by Mary Perry and her three children: Kenya, Gil and Sage. Our CSA program is 15 weeks in the spring and summer and again in the fall and our ever popular winter share, go to winterberryfarmstand.com/csa-program to sign up or for more information.

  • We are at the farmers market weekly and year round, we bring jams, jellies, pickles, salsa, pesto and lots more specialty and traditional jar goods, all of items are grown organically on our farm and made in our farm store kitchen including pies, meat pies, breads, cookies and soup.

  • Mary is known for her organic cut flowers, we bring cut flowers for you to make your own bouquets, or premade cut flower bouquets, look for our beautiful vegetable bouquets this year.

  • We also have a stand on Route 27 in Belgrade.

Worcester's Wild Blueberries

  • Everett & Lee Worcester, 356 Lyford Road, Orneville Twp., ME 04463, ph. 943-8804, inquiries@wildblueberryproducts.com , www.wildblueberryproducts.com/

  • Worcesterís Wild Blueberries harvest 35 acres of wild low bush blueberries providing our valued customers with a clean, tasty, healthy and truly Maine product. We pride ourselves in producing blueberries that are of the highest quality and ready to use "out of the box". Sizes vary from pints and quarts to 5 & 10 lb. boxes. Our frozen blueberries (5 & 10 lb. boxes) are available year round. From our kitchen we produce not only blueberry jams and jellies but also, syrup, BBQ sauce, vinaigrette, and pie filling etc. Sugar-free jam and syrup are also available. Honey lovers find our delicious blueberry blossom honey especially tasty. Wedding favors from our kitchen add a truly unique gift for friends and family both near and far.

  • We are at the market on Tuesday and Saturdays from late-July through August. Our frozen blueberries and kitchen products are available year round so when you run out give us a call and keep eating blueberries!

  • We are also members of the Bangor, Orono, Skowhegan, Hampden, Dover Cove, and Brewer Farmers' Markets.

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