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How to start using the Pittsfield Buying Club.

To order: pittsfield.buyingclubsoftware.org   |   Questions? pittsfieldbuyingclub@gmail.com or 487-2706
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Buying Club Ordering Calendar

What is the Pittsfield Buying Club?
The Pittsfield Buying Club (PBC) is a group of friends, neighbors and acquaintances who began to order food together in December of 2010. We wanted to support our local economy while making it easier to access quality local products at a lower cost. The Pittsfield Buying Club buys healthy, Maine grown food and products and supports local producers as a fundamental sector of a vibrant local economy. Food prices through the buying club are lower than if you purchased them at a health food store or co-op.

  1. How do I place an order?
    Almost everything we do—except for the actual handling of food—is done online. To use the club, members log in to pittsfield.buyingclubsoftware.org to order. Your username is your email address; when you join you will be given a temporary password (which you should change after you first log in).

    Ordering may be done any time from the first Friday of the month through the following Wednesday evening. This is called the “buying window” and is the only time that a list of items will appear. See the ordering calendar below.

    You will be presented with a rather substantial list of items available for that ordering cycle, with items from our local farmers and artisans appearing at the top of the list. Check off the amount of each item you want then add them to your shopping cart. Here are some examples of our offerings.

    You do not have to order whole cases; the software will combine your partial case with those of other members so the Club can order the whole case. It is always a good idea to check on the “unfilled splits” tab on Monday morning to see what items have been ordered in less than full case lots.

    The online administrator sends you a reminder email stating that the ordering window is open and when it closes. Another email reminder will be sent on pickup day.

    There is a $12 yearly membership fee that covers use of the online software, and a five percent markup over wholesale is automatically added to your order total. This enables us to cover the various expenses involved in operating the Buying Club including plastic bags, office supplies, and marketing materials. Payment is due when you pick up your order. Cash or checks are accepted.

    If you would like to view a demonstration on YouTube of how the Buying Club Software works, go here.

  2. Who supplies our food?
    The Pittsfield Buying Club has decided to place orders with participating local farmers and with the Crown of Maine Organic Cooperative, a North Vassalboro distributor of Maine grown and produced products. Currently the local farms supplying us include Snakeroot Organic Farm of Pittsfield, Balfour Organic Dairy of Pittsfield, Burgess Farm of Newport, and Leeman Family Farm of Etna. As a buying club member, your voice counts; it is up to the members to decide what you want to order and from whom.

  3. Do I have to come to ordering meetings?
    No, there are no ordering meetings; all ordering is done online. However you are expected to show up to pick up your food when it arrives! Pickup your order at the location specified in your reminder email—either at Holly Zadra's house at 287 Somerset Ave. or at the Pittsfield Universalist Church in downtown Pittsfield, across from Dysarts. See the ordering calendar for day and time when your order will be ready.

  4. Can I sell products that I grow or make to the PBC?
    Yes, you can! Most of the members in the PBC are enthusiastic supporters of local producers, and the more local the better. If your products are certified organic, even better, although this is not required. If your wares are not certified organic, we cannot list them as organic, although we do list your contact info and link to your website and/or Facebook page so that shoppers can get more detailed information about how you produce what you offer for sale. Details of getting your products on our list and getting your products to us can be found on our Suppliers Page.

  5. Who do I contact to join the PBC or to find out more?
    The Co-Chair and Coordinator of the Pittsfield Buying Club is Holly Zadra, (207) 487-2706 pittsfieldbuyingclub@gmail.com. Once you request membership, Pittsfield Buying Club will send you instructions for online membership via email. Once you have become an online member, be sure to fill out your contact information when you log in, including your phone number so that we can call you if we have any questions about your order. Don't have email? Call Holly at 487-2706 and we can help.